Quick guide to yoga for complete beginners

Getting into yoga can be daunting but it can be the best practice for your body once you start. It’s a practice that requires dedication to be effective and determination to be consistent. Remember why you consider trying yoga in the first place and you will never look back on this decision again. 

That being said, there are a few factors you should know before officially starting yoga. That includes the items you’ll take, where you will commence your practice, and conditioning yourself for the activity beforehand. Here is a quick guide on how to begin yoga:

Get your gear

Gear can refer to the mat you’ll use for your poses but this is often provided by the gym unless you plan on taking online lessons. If so, then look for any soft, non-absorbent mat you can find at the sports apparel store. Shala Yoga Still Water recommends at least three sets of comfortable clothes. Typically, they should be either oversized to avoid friction or form-fitting if they are made of cotton. 

Find a class

You can choose from a wide variety of classes. Most gyms hold yoga classes as part of your gym membership. Others are held in stadiums in spas or at a dance studio for a fee. If you are looking for a private yoga instructor, then you can find them on social media with their contact information. 

You can also hold your sessions at home using online sources like free routines on YouTube or streaming services. Just make sure that you have enough room because yoga can require plenty of space for some poses. You should also have someone else at home to help you if you are going to attempt advanced yoga practices. 

Learn proper breathing

All fundamentals of yoga revolve around the concept of conscious breathing. This means you are inhaling and exhaling at will whether it is when, for how long, as well as how intense. Thus, breathing control tends to take almost the entire first session of learning. 

Controlled breathing is part of the first steps of controlling your emotions or mental stability. For some, it allows one to find it easier to build spiritual clarity. Another aspect that makes it important is how it affects your posture. Yoga uses breathing to eliminate various imbalances in your body, allowing for a seamless movement between stances. 

Build a habit

Yoga is a practice of the mind and the best way to control it is to keep up the practice. Consistency is more important than intensity just like workout. All you need is to dedicate 15 minutes of every day to make one whole week of complete practice. Keep this up long enough and it becomes a habit that you cannot remove from your daily routine. A healthy habit is all you need to continue a fulfilling lifestyle and remain in control of every aspect of your life. 

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