Shala Yoga: Common yoga mistakes to avoid

Here at Shala Yoga, we want you to enjoy the amazing benefits that come with yoga which is why in this blog, we’re going to be listing down some mistakes that you need to avoid. Keep on reading to find out more about them!

Holding your breath

The most common mistake that we notice in our studios across the US is that people tend to hold their breaths when doing different yoga poses. This should be avoided as much as possible because yoga is naturally a breath-led exercise which means that you should be following a breathing pattern as you’re doing the poses.

If you hold your breath and your face starts turning red, you’re making yourself prone to passing out. Always study the pose and follow the breathing directions taught by your instructor, if you have one.

Skipping the basic poses

If you’re going to take up yoga, an important thing you need to remember is that you shouldn’t skip the basic poses. At first glance, it may seem like the basic poses are boring and that they’re not worth practising but trust us, you’re going to need them in the long run.

These basic poses serve as your foundation for the more advanced ones which will be harder to do. This way, your body would have already been warmed up and ready for what’s to come.

Think of the basic poses as warmups to your strenuous workout routine. Skipping it will increase your risk of cramps and other kinds of incidents.

Wearing uncomfortable clothes

When it comes to yoga, you should always remember that comfort should always be prioritised over style. That’s why as much as possible, you should avoid any kind of clothing that is flashy or over-revealing.

Opt for gym clothes and other comfortable clothes that can help you be in your freest state while staying fresh at the same time.

Pushing your body over the limit

Yoga isn’t a race nor is it a competition. It should be a relaxing exercise where your body will feel full relaxation making you feel extremely better afterwards. This is why you shouldn’t push yourself to the limit too much because you’re increasing your chances of getting injured and also, there’s no reason to do it.

Get ready for the best yoga session of your life!

At first glance, it may seem impossible to mess up doing yoga. However, there are some things that you’d want to avoid to prevent you from depriving yourself of the benefits that come with this exercise.

If you’re looking for more content like this, check out the rest of our blogs here on our site. Moreover, if you’re looking for a yoga studio near your area in the US, check out our list of Shala Yoga branches!

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